About us

We bring the yoga teacher to the practitioner.

Sesam is a community of experienced yoga teachers. Our dedication is to make yoga easily accessible around the world. We want practitioners to dive into their practice. High value meets convenience - the founders are dedicated yogis and techis.

Our service is about you:

  1. Practitioners of any level who are looking for the right teacher in their city. We connect you with a fitting yoga instructor. Our teachers are flexible in time and location. All instructors are personally selected and have a high level of education and experience.

  2. Organizations that want to offer yoga at their space, to help reduce stress and increase overall productivity and well-being of their teams. Our role is to help you find the right teacher and support you along the way of making yoga and mindfulness a sustainable practice in your organization.

  3. Yoga teachers with experience, who want to focus on teaching rather than marketing and sales. We take care of the organizational tasks and connect you with students in your area. Optimize your time and make a difference in today’s busy world. While we connect you with new students for individual lessons at their home or workspace.

Sesam is about you. Let us help you create the time and space to do what you love.