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The Health-card is the safest, most simple and secure way to access medical data. Based on biometrics and using an innovative and privacy-secure access method patients and physicians can simple and secure access their Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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Sesam & accessing your EHR

The engine of the Health-card is Sesams' anonymous authentication platform providing an attribute based authorization to easily connect patients and their care providers. With the health-card you don't have to remember passwords, you just login with the 'tip of your finger'.  Sesam safeguards your privacy by doing the whole process anonymously; from the starting point of clicking the access icon till the endpoint of granted access. No stored ID's, no communicated attributes, no profiling.  Amazing!


What is the Health-card?

The Health-card is a card with a very specific, highly secure chip and is comparable with a bank card. Only a template of your fingerprint is stored on it, that's why Sesam kan secure the privacy and makes it very easy to access.

If you lose the health-card or it will be stolen, you don't have to worry. Nobody can do something with your health-card, except yourself. Because there's no data in it.

End2end anonymity

Sesam believes that once ID's and logins are stored and communicated, there is following even the most stringent technical security and procedural measurements, never a 100% guarantee this this will remain secure for ever. Sesam therefore developed the ultimate user friendly privacy-secure-access solution that safeguards all personal data. Completely anonymous.

Totally privacy secure

The exhange of medical information is very privacy sensitive. To gain access strong authentication and attribute based authorization is essential in order to guarantee the privacy of patients and their medical files. With the health-card the access is always and end2end anonymous. A patients' login (attempt) is untraceable. Profiling based on usage is equally impossible. Uniquely even, Sesam don't store any user identity whatsoever.


Sesam is the ultimate patient friendly and privacy-secure access solution that will always safeguard the access data of patients and perfeclty simple in use. Merely tapping with one's finger provides the ultimate simple login for patients.

Perfectly simple in use

To access your personal health record you go to the website of the health institution. There you click the Sesam logo and follow the instructions. Sesam checks the anonyously the authentication of the user and the health-card. If this first step is OK, Sesam checks the attribute which it asked. If yes, too, your are granted access to your personal medical files. The whole procedure takes less than 3 seconds. Perfectly simple, totally private..

Research by the NHL

Biometric access, and specifically with your fingerprint, is brand new for healthcare. To investigate the user convenience the North Academy (NHL) at Leeuwarden researches it. The first results are impressive: ultimate user convenience and the privacy is secured.

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