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Santé, e-prévention et les paiements mobiles

Sesam permet au consommateur final convivial tout biométrique ('appuyez simplement sur votre doigt et vous êtes dans »)

s'enregistrer base pour toutes sortes d'applications sécurisées � l'(US/NIST4) Niveau de sécurité le plus


The safest, most simple and secure way to access medical data.

  • Fast & Simple: Use your finger to enter
  • Truly secure: Sesam’s unique Anonymous Credential Infrastructure
  • Guarantee of your privacy

Simple: Use your finger and you’re in

Weak passwords are a threat for hospitals because of the presence of privacy sensitive medical data. The usually, nowadays used process of online login to medical data is based on username and password. Passwords are only secure when they are strong and kept secret. Despite repeated recommendations not to do so, most people write down their passwords or recycle them from one site to the next. Now, it’s possible to access your personal Electronics Patient Record (EPR) by just putting your finger on a sensor! Simple and truly secure.

Truly secure

Sesam’s ACI (anonymous credential infrastructure) allows for the highest form of security available. Based on two-factor authentication including biometrics (proving who you are) the highest level of security is combined with the most patient friendly manner. The engine of Sesam’s ACI-platform is a patented algorithm enabling a 3 step login based on: 1/ biometric authentication, 2/ device authentication and 3/ anonymous credential authorization. Standard security elements includes: one-to-one match-on-chip of the fingerprint, life-finger detection, two-factor authentication and AES encryption

Guarantee of your privacy

The exchange of medical information is very privacy sensitive. To gain access to electronic medical data, identification and authentication is essential in order to guarantee the privacy of patients and their medical files. Sesam’s ACI (anonymous credential infrastructure) allows for the highest form of security available and secures your privacy.
Patients receive a biometric based healthcard which only contains the finger pattern that proves that the cardholder is the person said to be. Personal medical data is not stored on the card and is only present in the hospital information system. So there is no risk by loss or theft.


Anonymous age checking by purchasing alcoholics, tobacco or gambling. Effective age control in supermarkets, cafes, food & beverage stores, discotheques, licensed victualler's shop and sport canteen:

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Anonymous


By putting the card in the reader and


With the finger on the sensor the youngster proofs selves that she/he is the owner of the youngster card and that she/he is old enough to buy the liquid, get access or is allowed to gamble.


Youngsters receive a biometric based youngster card which only contains the finger pattern that proves that the cardholder is the person said to be. No other data is stored on the card. The cashier sees only if the youngster has the right age to do the purchase, noting else. So there is also no risk by loss or theft.

Mobile Payments

It will never get much simpler then this; “tap your finger twice (on your phone) and payment is done!”

Solving the biggest challenge yet in the m-Payments world, which is authenticating any mobile device and its user(s) in the most consumer friendly fashion:

  • High consumer acceptance
  • Fast, simple and secure
  • Instant issuance procedure

Consumer acceptance is key

Prior to mentioning security, costs and efficiencies one needs to acknowledge that consumer acceptance is crucial towards the embracement of any m-Payment solution by the general audience. Henceforth, ‘putting your finger on it and you’re in’ is the simplest way for the consumer to get into whatever secure environment. Well, from now on the financial world can offer such a solution towards its customers as any consumer can now arrange his/her payments by putting his/ her finger on a smart phone and thereby authenticating his/ herself and device.

Fast, simple and secure

If the consumer chooses to pay with his/her smart phone the cashier presses the related button on the POS. The client just have to choose the payment type on his/her phone and using their finger for secure access to their bank account. It’s all supported by NFC that fills in automatically the amount and transferee. Tapping the finger again for confirmation and the payment is done. The cashier receives a ‘payment accepted’ message and it’s all done in less than 20 seconds.

  • Fast: in 4 taps incl. twice your finger
  • Simple: by tapping your finger
  • Secure: using Sesam’s unique ACI technology (Anonymous Credential Infrastructure)

Instant issuance procedure

Sesam’s issuance procedure allows for the highest efficiency possible. Financial institutions as Banks will act as Registration Authorities (RA) and can issue new smart phones in an instance. Replacement of lost smart phones will be conducted in the same efficient way. Consumers will be up and running in 10 minutes with a newly authenticated smart phone. A lost smartphone is due to our MoC technology (meaning that no data other than a fingerprint template is stored) of no use to any perpetrator whatsoever.

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