How it works

6 Simple steps

Find out in 6 easy steps how Sesam connects privacy-secure users and applications both offline and online.

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Step 1

Anonymous Authentication: using a smartcard or smartphone/tablet

After issuance of the biometric smartcard, smartphone or tablet the user can anonymous authenticate ('prove who you are') oneself . Furtheron we explain how it exactly works.

During the issuance process a biometric template of the finger (or voice etc.) will be stored on the smartcard or smartphone. The template will only be stored on the card or smartphone, nowhere else! 

After issuance the cardholder or smartphone owner can authenticate oneself simply anonymous and after that accessing the wanted application.

In the following description we use a smartcard. But instead of the smartcard obviously a smartphone or tablet with integrated fingerprint sensor can be used.

First, place your smartcard in the combined fingerprint cardreader.

Step 2

Biometric Authentication

After placing the finger on the sensor the cardreader reads the fingerprint and sends it to the inserted smartcard. If there's a positive match of the finger template on the card the connection with the Sesam platform will be realized.

Step 3

Device Authentication

The Sesam platform controls if the inserted smartcard (but obviously also a smartphone or tablet) is an accepted, according the procedures of Sesam issued smartcard

Step 4

Attribute based authorization

After authentication of the smartcard (or smartphone/tablet) the requested attribute is verified. An attributes are for example 'older than 18 years', 'access to this specific part of a website or application', but also: 'you are granted to travel this route'. 

Step 5

Access granted

If the requested attribute is correct, the result will be communicated towards the accepting party, for instance a website, but also the cashier behind the desk in a supermarket. Only the result 'yes/no' will be communicated, not the attribute itself. Nobody knows who you are, but you have the permission to do what you reqested. Thats why we can gurantee anonymity and the privacy of the user.

Step 6

Ultimate private

From faciltating the attributes wihtout identities, till the end of granted access: during the whole process one remains anonymous. No stored ID's, no attributes communicated, no profiling. Really end2end anonymity.

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