The team and story behind Sesam

Sesam is incorporated in Heerenveen, The Netherlands and committed to become the global anonymous authentication
service enabling truly risk and privacy secure applications in the most consumer friendly fashion.

The team behind Sesam

The management consists of experienced team members and domain knowledge

Henk Gijzen

CEO and Founder

Kees de Vink


The history of Sesam

The initial name of Sesam was Telepas. Telepas was the brand name covering the patent that inventor Tom van Rijn (Febr. 23, 1936) registered in 2001. The company name Tele-ID.nl reveres to the millennium period where every company used the country extension to positioning the new world.

Tom van Rijn

Tom van Rijn was till the end of the 90's CEO of Tele Atlas. Tele Atlas was founded in 1984 in 's-Hertogenbosch by Tom and acquired in 2008 by TomTom for € 2,9 Bln. Tom is a creative and honorable person with a lot of ideas, coming up in all kind of situations. One of the memorable situations was in the late 90's. In the last years of the previous decade internet was booming. Tom was travelling a lot for Tele Atlas. Every time he checked in at a hotel the receptionist asked a lot of personal information. Also could everybody post and gather lots of information on and from the internet. Tom saw also the reverse side of the internet: was it possible to manage your own privacy? To keep control over your privacy he developed the Anonymous Credential Infrastructure (ACI), which only releases the requested necessary credentials. So that you can be in control of your own privacy.


Via Kees de Vink came Henk Gijzen at the end of 2008 in contact with Tom van Rijn. Finally, in August 2009 Henk bought, supported by 3 informals and the Fryslân Development Fund, Tele-ID and later on renamed the company into Sesam.


In 2011 Kees and Henk invented an additional extension on the original patent and they received an international patent for this invention.

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